Sree Narayana Medical Mission
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Sree narayana medical mission hospital is also an oral and maxillofacial surgery centre, which emphasizes on sanitary and a serene atmosphere for treatment. A team of skilled dentists, dental assistants provide dental care for children and adults. The hospital uses advanced technology like the Intra Oral Camera, the dental X-ray and for diagnosis.

In addition to an efficient curative programme; the department also has a Dental Preventive Treatment Programme which includes Fluoride Treatment, Maintenance and Improvement of Gum Conditions, Tooth Sensitivity Relief and Tooth Sealants and Saliva Tests.

Aesthetic Dentistry, like Smile Correction and Tooth Bleaching, Oral Surgery, for the Correction of Jaw Deformities, Orthodontics, for the Correction of Misaligned Teeth and Jaws, Endodontic, for Root Canal Treatment, Periodontics, for the Treatment of Gum Disease, Prosthodontics, for the Replacement of Missing Teeth,Paedodontics, for Treating Children with Dental Problems, Implant Dentistry, Oral Medicine, Dental Preventive Treatment Programme


Dr.Martin Thomas, BDS, Dental surgeon