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The Physiotherapy Department at sree narayana medical mission hospital provides a comprehensive treatment programme for ailing persons comprising of a contravention of manual therapy, remedial exercises and modern electrotherapy equipment. In order to achieve optimum results, a variety of problem-specific therapeutic programmes have been designed.

The physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in Kerala treats conditions like Sports Injury, Back and Neck pain, Muscle and Joint pain, Arthritis, Injuries among children and adolescents,

The centre also conducts Ergonomic Assessment and training and sports specific drills; along with its expertise, sree narayana medical mission hospital also possesses innovative and traditional technology like Traction Unit, Electrical Stimulator , Treadmill , Cycle , Elliptical , Stepper Parallel Bar , Shoulder Pulley and CPM Machine.

Inpatient Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Orthopedic/Musculoskeletal/Sports Injury Rehabilitation, Nero-rehabilitation, Fitness and Health Promotion/Weight Reduction, Sports Medicine, Pediatric care, Women`s Health Programme, Ergonomics ,Geriatric Care, Physiotherapy

Out Facilities:

  1. Short Wave Diathermy 450 disc type for back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain etc.
  2. Interferential Therapy for chronic muscular pains, radiating pain, disco genic pain, neck pain etc.
  3. Tens therapy for neurological pain and weakness etc.
  4. Ultrasound therapy for joint pains, spot pain, increase blood circulation
  5. Traction unit with bed for increase in the disc space (back and neck)

Degenerative joint pains etc.

  1. Wax bath unit for rumato joints disease to reduce the post-operative stiffness,
  2. Muscular stimulator for muscle weakness, nerve weakness etc.
  3. Infra-red therapy (non eliminated) for muscle pain
  4. Moisture heat therapy for joint pain

B Exercise Therapy Unit

  1. Shoulder wheel
  2. Shoulder ladder
  3. Shoulder pulley
  4. Multi hand exerciser
  5. Static cycle
  6. All Types of Walking Aids


Mr.K S Sharad.MPT.MSc (Yoga).

Ms.Raisa R S.BPT